Forex Masterclass

Original price was: $9997.Current price is: $4997.

The Pro Trader program is for the person that is ready to really get serious about their trading. You do not want Day Trading to be just your hobby. You expect to generate a regular income from it. You want the lifestyle of being your own boss living by your own rules. You are willing to put in the extra work to achieve the success that others just won’t do.

You are All-In and ready to get started on your new career.

(All inclusive plus lifetime access to 1-1 sessions)

In our Forex Masterclass, we as traders understand the market is always moving and levels are forever changing so

within our Technical Updates section you will receive updates on our levels and valid Key levels in the markets that

you need to be aware of when trading.

Forex Fundamentals


Fundamental Updates

As a trader its our job to stay updated with current/upcoming news events for that day/week.

Forex Factory



Live Market News

Learn how to trade prop firms capital (Ranging from $50K all the way up-to $4M)

Forex Prop Firms


Risk Management

This chapter gives you get a real feel for the lessons and hurdles within the markets as well as what it truly takes to

become a trader within the markets. We breaks down important Risk Management challenges faced in the market.


In the Forex MasterClass, you will get access to unlimited 1-1 coaching sessions that you can avail anytime.

You can book the sessions using the calendly booking link on our website.





Forex Masterclass 📈


1-1 Lessons via Zoom (Lifetime access)

✅ Daily Market Analysis

✅ Trade Alerts Via Telegram

✅ Pre-Recorded Video Lessons

✅ GFX Trading Workbook

✅ Demo account supervision

✅ Homework Assessment

There are 1-2 Live sessions held on a bi-weekly basis. Each session lasts for around 1 hour.


Once you get enrolled, you have Lifetime Access to all the course material and to the Private coaching sessions as-well.



Course curriculum 📈

✅ Market Structure

Market structure refers to trend/direction of the market. We use the higher timeframes to determine the overall direction/flow of the market.

Two timeframes to identify the trend with a great deal of accuracy.


✅ Price Action

Looking at how the candles have closed for the last 4H and daily timeframe.



✅ Key Levels

Using previous data to place/map out key levels of high significance.


✅ Multi-Timeframe Analysis

Using multiple timeframes in accordance to accurately take entry positions and exits.


✅ Risk Management

1-2% risk of the entire trading capital per trade.


✅ Trade execution on Lower timeframes

Using smaller timeframes allows for lesser drawdown and more effective profit taking.


✅ Main Key Levels on Higher timeframes

Higher timeframes are always reliable when it comes to the overall trend/direction.


✅ TradingView Setup

This is the main charting platform that we use for our analysis.


✅ Entries and Profit taking on BOS (Break of structure)

Using a break of structure technique in order to determine the shift in trend.


✅ Funded Programs Training

Utilizing prop trading firms to get access to a large trading capital.

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Forex MasterclassForex Masterclass
Original price was: $9997.Current price is: $4997.
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