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We focus heavily on the Foreign Exchange market (Forex), however our strategies and management techniques are based on technical analysis (classical charting techniques, price action patterns) and can be easily applied to various financial markets.

Once you become a member, all course material is sent out to you via email.ย 

No. Day Trading has nothing to do with maths, statistics etc 

As a trader, our job is to understand the market trends, charting principles/tools and effective trading plan/risk management for consistent growth. 

On average, we share around 2-3 trade setups per week. Our goal is always to focus on the quality of the trade setups for maximum gain with 75-80% Accuracyย 

1-1 sessions cover the entire course material where we take you by the hand and teach you until you’re consistently profitable in the FX markets. The sessions can last anywhere from 45mins-1hour.

Sky’s the limit. In the currency markets, a trader can have a $500/week or $50,000/week. Your consistency, account size determines that.

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